The information website of the Energieverein Siegen-Wittgenstein e.V.
(Energy-Association of Siegen-Wittgenstein)

The association’s purpose is to support steps and activities concerning energetic modernisation of old buildings. Furthermore the association supports the efficient use of energy in all buildings and homes in Siegen-Wittgenstein.

The association’s most important aims and tasks are releasing information and advice. The association is recognised as charitable.

Information is available at the office in Siegen-Geisweid

The office’s opening hours are:

Monday/Thursday: afternoon

Tuesday/Friday: morning

On Mondays and Thursdays, you have the possibility to talk to experts about energy-related topics. This service is free of charge.

On this website you can find the most important informations concerning the association’s activities. We attempt to keep the information up to date.

Some more information:

The information events are free of charge and intended for local citizens. They are carried out either in the office or at a member’s home.

Further events for corporations take place in our cooperation project RegionalForum with additional partners.


Current projects:

In collaboration with EnergieAgentur.NRW (agency for energy in NRW), the town of Siegen, Evangelisches Gymnasium Siegen (evangelic academic high school Siegen) and the agency :anlauf (=attempt) from Siegen, the Energieverein develops a system of information portals about energy and climate protection.




The Energieverein also participates, in the role of a value partner and along with many local companies, in a research project about electromobility, which is realised by the Universität Siegen (University of Siegen).


The Energieverein also supports a project about using the heat loss of a local steelmill for the heat supply in one of Siegen’s districts. This project is called “Energie für Geisweid” (Energy for Geisweid).


If you want to send us a message or have any questions, please contact us by using this contact form:



For guests

Office’s opening hours


Monday   2 to 4 pm

Tuesday  9 am to 12 am

Friday      9 to 12 am